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Rustic Wood Furnishings

Rustic Wood Furnishings

Natural artistic pattern

The patterns on rustic wood furnishings are exceptional and painted by nature itself. Aside from the look, rustic furnishings are also lauded for its strength that can last for decades. The rustic wood will be a one-time investment that you can pass on to the next generation. Also, it requires little to no maintenance to stay aesthetically good.


It’s difficult to find old-growth wood

Not all furniture providers can give you old-growth wood. More often, they would use new wood and paint it with synthetic layers just to make it look like an antique piece. Mad Moose offers an authentic and rustic log living room furniture among other items you have never seen before.


Rustic wood helps preserve history

Many rustic wood furnishings are made from reclaimed wood sourced from different places. There’s a chance that some of the wood pieces became part of important events in the history. The wood material might have been sourced from an old barn or a historic bridge that has been repaired.


It provides an original treasure for your home

Most pieces of furniture nowadays are mass produced. Instead of buying these typical pieces, you can give your home a unique centerpiece through rustic log living room furniture and other styles of your choice. Also, each rustic furnishing has its own design, look, and cut. No two logs are the same.


Repurposing wood

By giving new life to wood, you give the environment a big favor when you opt for rustic furnishing. Instead of cutting more trees, you can contribute to saving the environment by repurposing wood through Mad Moose furniture offers.



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